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AUDC Wilshire Boulevard Facility open

AUDC announces an inaugural reception and preview of its Wilshire Boulevard Facility on Friday, June 17, 7-9pm, 6128 Wilshire (at Fairfax), Suite 211, Los Angeles.

During the month of June the Wilshire Boulevard Facility will be open by appointment.

Site:Nonsite:Quartzsite in City/Observer on Rhizome.org

Site:Nonsite:Quartzsite our installation about Quartzsite, Arizona on the web and at the 2004 High Desert Test Sites is part of City/Observer, an online exhibition curated by New Museum of Contemporary Art associate curator Yukie Kamiya for Rhizome.org.

AUDC at University of Washington

AUDC on Smart Maps and Intelligent Locations, Architecture League

AUDC lectures on Ether and Quartzsite, Arizona in Smart Maps and Intelligent Locations, in the Architectural League's Sitegeist lecture series. AUDC will be paired with architect Laura Kurgan. 6.30pm, The Urban Center, 457 Madison Avenue, New York City.

DVD lecture @ Connect the Dots

AUDC presents a lecture by DVD at the symposium and discussion forum for Connect the Dots, Columbia University School of Fine Arts, 315 Prentis Hall, 3rd Floor, 7pm.

Site:Nonsite:Quartzsite @ High Desert Test Sites

AUDC's "Site:Nonsite:Quartzsite" is on display at High Desert Test Sites from October 23 to October 24.


AUDC announces the AUDC wiki, a dynamic encyclopedia of information about architecture and the world. Two AUDC projects will be exhibited starting today, the Stimulus Progression [or see the Wiki version], an installation documenting the Muzak Corporation and the development of a culture of horizontality in Art Center College of Design's the Gardenlab Experiment and a reprise of the Most Expensive Space in North America in Connect the Dots, a show at the Columbia University School of Fine Arts's LeRoy Neiman Gallery.

Urban Konsumterror

AUDC introduces "Urban Konsumterror," a commentary on the contemporary city for Paulette Singley and Jamie Horowitz, eds. Eating Architecture (Cambridge: The MIT Press, 2004).

AUDC on Ether

AUDC presents a web site on "Ether," extending "the Most Expensive Space in North America," in much greater depth. This project will be published partly in the next issue of 306090, due this month and partly in Textfield magazine in September.

El espacio mas caro de Norte América

AUDC publishes "El Espacio Mas caro de Norte América" in issue 49 "Dosis de Ciudad" of Madrid's Pasajes de Arquitectura y Critica.

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